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When your horse is sick or injured, the last thing you want to do is travel to a clinic. Instead, contact a mobile horse vet that serves the Burlington, ND and Minot, ND area so you can care for your horse at home.
Burlington, ND horse owners count on Schaefer Veterinary Service for convenient, comprehensive treatment options, including dental care, reproductive work and acupuncture.

We treat all kinds of illnesses and injuries in horses. Contact an equine veterinarian at Schaefer Veterinary Service today if you notice that:

  • Your horse is losing weight or dropping feed: Dental problems could be the reason why your horse isn’t eating properly.
  • Your horse is limping or dragging a toe: We can perform a lameness exam to pinpoint the cause.
  • Your horse’s legs are stiff: Equine chiropractic care is an effective way to relieve your horse’s pain


Equine Services We Provide

General Health and Wellness

Schaefer Veterinary Service offers all of your general health and wellness needs. These services include vaccinations, deworming, coggins, international and interstate health certificates and physical exams. Vaccine recommendations are based on the current recommendations from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP). All health certificates and coggins tests are submitted and reported electronically through a program called Global Vet Link. These copies are official and can be printed multiple times.

Equine Dentistry

Dental care is very important to the health of your horse. AAEP recommends yearly oral exams for all horses. A full dental exam involves proper sedation to make the exam comfortable for the horse. An oral speculum is placed on the horse’s head so that the entire dental arcade can be evaluated for further care. If a dental float is required, a power float will be used. Simple extractions and removal of wolf teeth can also be done in the field.

Veterinary Sports Medicine and Lameness

Schaefer Veterinary Service offers complete veterinary sports medicine and lameness exams. These exams include an evaluation of the horse statically (standing) and in motion with a complete set of flexions, jogging and observing in a lunge. Based off the lameness exam findings, we offer diagnostic tests. Many diagnostics can be performed in the field using a mobile x-ray machine and/or ultrasound. After the diagnosis is made, a treatment plan will be made. Most of the treatments can be performed in the field, such as:

Emergency Livestock Services

Dr. Schaefer will be available for after hour emergency services. There will be instances when Dr. Schaefer will be out of the area and unable to support after hour emergencies. There will be an associated after hour emergency fee of $100.00 plus the cost of any services and products rendered. Payment is required at the time of service for all emergency work.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine should be thought of as a form of complementary therapy involving Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (acupuncture and herbal therapy), Chiropractic care, and Western Veterinary Medicine (modern medicine). Utilizing a combination of these three will create a treatment plan where one system can compensate where another system has weaknesses. This helps provide the most complete and effective treatment for your horse.


  • Equine Chiropractic Care: Dr. Schaefer attended Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractics in Wellsville, KS.  Equine chiropractic care can have amazing improvements for horses of all disciplines, ranging from performance horses to pleasure riding horses. Before a chiropractic adjustment is made, the horse will be evaluated in motion to make sure there is no underlying lameness present prior to adjustments.
  • Equine Acupuncture and Herbal Care: Dr. Schaefer attended Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in Reddick, Florida. A combination of an appropriately designed acupuncture and herbal treatment plan can be very beneficial for a variety of conditions in your horse varying from lameness issues to behavioral problems.

Pre-Purchase Examinations

Pre-purchase exams are critical when purchasing your next horse to be sure you are buying a horse that can carry out your chosen discipline. All pre-purchase exams start with a full physical exam and lameness exam. The potential buyer then decides the full extent of the exam with any additional diagnostics they request. After the pre-purchase exam, a finalized copy will be written up and emailed to the client.

Reproductive Services

A variety of services can be performed on the farm, including, but not limited to:

  • Uterine cultures and biopsy
  • Ultrasound to check stage of mare’s cycle and pregnancy checks
  • Artificial insemination on farm


Schaefer Veterinary Service accepts payment via cash, credit card, or check. For us to continue providing the highest quality medicine, payment must be made at the time of service. Products that are ordered must be paid for at the time the order is placed. Call or text Schaefer Veterinary Service today at 701-710-0447 to schedule an appointment.

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